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A Leading Adhesive Tape Maker in Japan Since 1940        

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Furuto Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1940 at Yokohama Japan, as the first company in Japan to produce rubber-coated raincoats and metal alloys. In 1948, Furuto began research in PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) compounds, and by 1950 we were starting our production of PVC Insulating Tape.

Now, half-a century after we began, Furuto's production of PVC Compounds and Tapes has expanded to serve a wide range and variety of applications and

Our main products including:

1. Adhesive Tape products such as Self-Fusion (Self-Amalgamates) Tape for
both Electrical Insulating and Anti-Corrosion Pipe Wrapping use, Heavy Duty Rayon Cloth Packaging Tape, Water-proof Tape, Masker Tape, Sports Tape...etc.

2. High Performance PVC Compounds as a raw materials for Cable-Wire, Toys and Replica Food (Food Model for display purposes in the Japanese Restaurant).

We have developed of marketed many new products. We are proud that we have contributed to our society through our production.

In 1988, we relocated the entire production plant to Iwaki, Fukushima Pref. Japan. This is a versatile and futuristic plant to cope with global structural changes.

As harmony in the environment is considered to have a great value in 21st century, we are fully committed to respond to different requests of our customers and propose unique and original solutions for each.

Furuto's reputation has been built on traditional value of trust and experience with customers. We will continue to move forward taking great pride in our endless efforts to offer innovative and superior products.


Head Office (Yokohama, Japan)


Head Office (Yokohama, Japan)








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Furuto's Fully Automatically Plant_Located in Fukushima, Japan
Furuto's Fully Automatically Plant_Located in Fukushima, Japan
Head Office (Yokohama, Japan)
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